Cortana Search Box Now Exclusive to Bing and Edge Browser

May 3, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft is scaling down the support of Cortana in Windows 10 devices. From now on, the personal assistant service from Microsoft will only be coupled with Microsoft’s own Bing search engine and Edge browsers for search queries.

The announcement was made by Microsoft through their blog, which reads that the decision has been made to ensure that the right search experience designed for Windows 10 reaches out correctly to users.

It’s also explained that integration of Cortana with other browsers and search engine have resulted in compromised experiences that are less reliable and predictable.


Until now, users were given the choice of opting browsers and search engines apart from Edge and Bing when they perform searches through Cortana. But now, they will be forced to go through the results in Edge browser, with the results being fetched through Bing search engine.

However, searches made within the browser won’t be affected with this change. The current tweak is only applied to the Cortana search box that hangs around in the desktop. Browsers will continue to work the way they have been working until now, and will also have the choice of selecting preferred search engines within them. Users will also be not forced to change the default browser option through this new change.

However, users might still be taken off from the non-edge platform if they perform searches using in-Cortana queries. Mozilla’s Firefox browser provided this option default when users made it their default browsers.

Chrome doesn’t offer this by default, however, there are still plug-ins available through which they could hit the queries through Cortana. Doing so will now redirect them to Edge browser for the display of results.

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