Google Developing New Travel Companion App

May 2, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google has offered multiple apps for users to ease their travel worries, over the years. Now, the bundle of apps is going to get expanded as Google is planning to launch a new one for the travel freaks.

Called Trips, the app is said to be collectively threading many of the features from Google’s various apps and services, and merge them with Google Now services to offer a new and helpful travel app experience.

Dutch publication Android World was the one to initially spot the new app. The site has also posted various screenshots of the new app that are said to be captured by Local Guides, the Google Map community of contributors.


The screenshot reveals various features inside the app like Things to Do, which brings suggestions, places of interest, outdoor and indoor locations, and more. There are also segment that depends on data from other apps of Google, like Reservations, which would be brought out by syncing with your mail.

It is also expected to feature offline mode support as indicated in one of the other screenshot. This would be like the offline map mode in Maps, apart from that Trips will let you download guides onto your storage for being used when not connected to internet.

Some of the other segments included in the app are ‘Food & Drink,’ and ‘Need to know’, and Get Around, all of which is expected to be detailed when Google officially reveals the app. Users can also expect features like ridesharing, local taxi and public travel options.

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