File Sharing Now Made Easier in iOS Version of Google Hangouts

May 2, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Are you among the ones who don’t prefer sharing photos and links via Hangouts in iOS? There’s nothing wrong even if you are, as you can easily blame it upon the lack of native share extension support for the app.

But this could get changed, as the app from Google is presenting some improved features for easy sharing of files in iOS devices.

The easy sharing mode offered by Google means that users can now share links or files even without getting inside the Hangouts app, thanks to the new extension support provided by Google for the iOS share extension.


The new extension can be turned on from the share menu within More settings. Once done, users could see the new share via Hangouts extension option being made available when viewing images in Photos or when surfing through websites in Safari.

It also comes with a new menu option where you can specify from which account you want to share, and to whom those are to be shared.

Alongside, the new update for Hangouts also adds some other useful options. One among those is the new low power mode support in Hangouts. If activated, Hangouts will automatically cancel out video streams within the app whenever the battery goes below 20%.

But obviously, the highlight of the new update is the share feature. Despite the absence of features like Slide Over and Split View, Hangouts still remain one of the most preferred apps among iOS users.

The additional support for direct sharing of files through the app could certainly benefit plenty of users who prefer communication through Hangouts.

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