Instagram Design Set for Change

April 30, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s obvious that Instagram hasn’t gone through a huge overhaul in terms of design when compared to the rest in the business. Credit that to the popularity of the long-preferred design or whatever, but that might soon get changed.

Reportedly, Instagram is currently testing its new design with some of its users. Not many are expected to be falling in love with the new design, as Instagram has gone more simple, and in a sense dull, with its new design revamps.

We prefer to call it dull because comparatively, the current design appears to be more colourful. A shade mix of blue and white is not actually something that can be called colourful, but still it appears so when being weighed in with the black and white design they are now testing. Apparently, it’s simpler and presents a flatter interface.


Moreover, the new design not just deals with colour change; Instagram is rejigging the icon packs inside as well. What appears to have been the traditional icon sets of Instagram has now given way to a more conventional set of icons. The thick icons now have been transformed to outline-styled icons.

The square-boxed camera icon in the middle is now replaced with a more modern camera icon, a realistic one too. The activity icon next to that also gets changed. The heart that was featured inside a comment bubble is now figured all alone without any frame.

The update also replaces the profile icon that used to be the user’s profile picture with the icon of a person. The home and search icon doesn’t appear to have undergone any big change.

According to Instagram, the new update is a part of the vast number of tests they carry out with a small percentage of users. There’s no word on whether it will be rolled out to further users soon. The update also appears to be run only across iPhone devices.

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