Google Play Store and Android Apps to Arrive on Chrome OS

April 29, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google had earlier indicated a big dream of merging Chrome OS with Android. However, they later turned it down by stating that the two OSes would be kept within their own identities.

However, there could be still delight for Chrome OS users as a connection is now being created between the two operating systems in terms of app support.

Like announced last year, Google is slowly having the introduction of Google Play Store, its Android app market for the users of Chrome OS. This would finally let the users of Chrome OS users welcome a huge overhaul with the support for a massive database of apps.

chrome app

Google hasn’t officially given out info about an imminent release, but it became evident after Play Store support was spotted under the settings tab which read “Enable Android Apps to run on your Chromebook”. The initial one to spot this was Reddit user TheWiseYoda, and this was followed instantly by Google’s pullout of the option.

Some were quick enough to turn on the option, and they have reported the opening of a new Play Store app which however closes after running a short tutorial. Despite having the option removed, the source code of the new Chrome OS version does bears hints that suggest for a near future onset of Android Apps in Chrome OS.

Currently, Chrome OS users are open to use only a limited number of Android apps through the Chrome Store. The first expansion of app support came through ARC (App Runtime for Chrome) in 2015. The recent coding hints for a bigger expansion of ARC to incorporate the millions of apps from the Play Store.

Google hasn’t officially responded to this, but if going by the claims, Chrome users could soon have their app hunt commenced.

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