Facebook Eyeing More Content from Your Camera

April 29, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s not necessary that news feed in Facebook be filled with real content that’s native to the user who posted it. Facebook now wants to have more original content from users to pop up in the feeds.

As part of this move, the social networking site is now said to be working on a new dedicated app that wants to keep your smartphone cameras alive. The app is being developed by Facebook’s “friend-sharing” team, and is said to be in its early phases.

Accordingly, the app functions sound pretty much like that of in Snapchat, with the highlight being vanishing images that will be kept alive for a fixed time. But apart from this, there will also be a live stream option that’s been tested along. Facebook has just recently expanded its Live access to broader reach.


The app is still in its early phase, and there’s no word on when or whether it will see the light. Should it come out, Facebook believes that it will be improving the shares made by users related to their own personal lives.

Facebook has acknowledged that users don’t share contents like photo, status, or videos from their personal lives like before. An earlier report revealed that the company has been hit by a 21% decline in its original sharing year-over-year.

This is where Camera app could do the trick, by luring users to update more from their lives through new image sharing methods and video streams. But it needs to be seen how users will welcome this feature, especially those who barely disclose personal contents through Facebook despite spending a good time in the social media.

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