Snapchat Face Swap Gets More Interesting with new Features

April 28, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The Face Swap feature Snapchat introduced through the Lenses filter can be called a revolution for the social media photo enthusiast. Not only did it introduce new and quirky features to add fun to photography, but also did it manage to rose Snapchat popularity to new levels.

Now, it’s taking it to newer levels by introducing some new features to the face swap feature. Users will now be able to catch up with the new update available on both iOS and Android devices to welcome the new feature to their device.


The new feature will now let you swap faces with not just within the picture, but also from any picture in your camera roll. The option can be found in Lenses, next to the old face swap option, which can be brought up by long clicking on your selfie image when the camera is open.

Once you select this, Snapchat will load images from your camera automatically horizontally so that you can select any of those to have the faces wrapped. Unlike the old face wrap, users won’t be able to swap anything with their face.

This is because Snapchat will only load those images from camera roll that has already got a face in it. Also, make sure you scroll between the images not too fast, as this can make the off-screen images to load once again.

The update also brings a new feature to the replay option, with which users can now replay any of their viewed messages for free. Users can view the reply only once, and following replies will be charged like with paid replays.

Version of Snapchat is now available both on App Store and Google Play Store.

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