Instagram Feed Change is Imminent, But Won’t Happen Now

March 31, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Do not panic; nothing is going to happen to your Instagram Feed, at least as of now.

Following wider backlash from the public after an announcement that Instagram will be shooting up a new algorithm on how feeds appear, Instagram has now publicly come up with the clarification that there won’t be a change of feeds ‘soon’.

Instagram’s decision to shift to a new algorithm was a hot topic when the news emerged a couple of weeks ago. It was reported that the photo hosting platform would adopt an algorithm similar to Facebook, which would push the relevant posts for the users to the top of their feeds.


It was followed by disappointment from many sides, which also included an online petition put up to force Instagram to retract their decision. But it was on Monday that they actually feared it would take place over the weekend. The reason was that Instagram started asking users to turn on notifications for the people they were following so as to make sure that they don’t miss the posts they create.

However, Instagram did blow off their anxiety through their Twitter account by saying that nothing will be taking place now. They also assured that they have been listening to user feeds, and that users will be notified before they decide to go for the broad rollout of the new feed.

Yes, it does mean that their newly developed is not being pulled down following the backlash, and Instagram doesn’t appears in any way to be doing so. But at least, users are given some extra time before their feared ‘catastrophic change’ takes place.

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