Porting is Becoming a Near Reality via HoloPortation in HoloLens

March 30, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Not much long ago, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg had revealed how he foresees the future to be; a world where teleporting turns real. His words never directly mentioned the real teleporting stuff, but it did point towards the technology that would work parallel to teleporting in the field of communication.

Many laughed it off, but there were some who pondered over it so deeply, and seriously. It now seems like Microsoft was aligning up with the latter. Often have they left us wondered with their ambitious projects, and Hololens is one among them. The same technology is now giving birth to what could be the first bold step in the field of teleporting.

Showing off their new development with their HoloLens, Microsoft has just demonstrated how their new device could open the door for live holographic conversations; one which we might have seen only in sci-fi flicks.



It is quite clear from their video that the development of their so called HoloPort project is still in the early stages. But it suggests that it won’t take much long for the company to show it off to the real world through their HoloLens project.

Microsoft has even demonstrated the basic working of their HoloPort-ing. A set of camera arranged around the HoloLens wearer will have the 3D recordings of the people captured along with movements in real-time. Once this gets rendered, HoloLens wearers from any remote place will be able to project the rendering into their augmented reality vision through the HoloLens.

HoloPort conversations also can be of convenience to the viewers. They can have it recorded to get it viewed later, and can also have their sizes adjusted. These are just the few they have mentioned, but there’s plenty more than that with live augmented reality conversations.

We haven’t got a glimpse of how the HoloPort-ed conversations would actually look like, as Microsoft is only about to ship their first batch of HoloLens developer kits. But we can expect more to be revealed, as we do have the BUILD developer conference shaping up next week in San Francisco.

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