LastPass Spins Out New App for Secure, Easier Two-Factor Authentication

March 18, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

LasPass is handing out a sense of relief for all smartphone users, amidst the battle over encryption. The popular security service provider has now rolled out a new dedicated two-factor authentication app of their own with considerable improvement over the rest.

Called LastPass Authenticator, the new app from the company offers two-factor authentication for its users to add a new layer of security over the activities, but also by making it highly convenient for the users.

Authenticator grants you the access to your LastPass accounts by means of two methods. One is the normal password generation by which a 6-digit, short living code will be sent over to the user. But apart from this, Authenticator offers an easier method of authentication by means of push notification in smartphones.

lastpass authenticator

The latter will have you notified via push notifications whenever a device like Smartwatch attempts to access your LastPass account. Users can then grant the access for the devices by just tapping the notification, making the two-factor authentication a tap-and-go process.

Users downloading the app will have to set-up the two-factor authentication initially through desktops or laptops. The multi-factor authentication option highlighted under the settings will have to be changed to LastPass Authenticator, following which users will be prompted to scan the bar code on their smartphone devices using the downloaded app.

Users can still prefer to have the two-factor authentication process initiated through the non-app method, through which LastPass offers up to 15 modes of two-factor authentication for the LastPass accounts.

The app is available for iOS, Windows Phone and Android devices.

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