PlayStation VR Arrives this October as the Cheapest Console VR

March 17, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

By now, we sure know pretty much about the entry of Sony into the VR foray. But now, things are getting clearer.

It was revealed earlier that the PlayStation VR from Sony would make its commercial entry in 2016 along with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The Japanese company has now given out a more precise date and a pricing for its much awaited VR gadget.

PlayStation VR would be making its debut this October, which would make it the last to show up in the VR field this year. Despite being the last, PlayStation VR is highly anticipated, the reason being the speculation that it could be the cheapest of all. And yes, Sony hasn’t let down the expectations.


The VR gear from Sony is now announced for a price of $399, which easily makes it the cheapest console VR headset that will available this year. Oculus Rift, which will be the first official VR headset arriving this month will come for a price of $599, while the one from HTC is priced even big at $799. This could impart a huge advantage from the consumer side for PlayStation VR when it arrives during October this year.

However, the cheap attribute does come at the expense of certain features like a PlayStation Camera and the glowing orb Move controllers.

The $399 priced PlayStation VR won’t be featuring this, but it does come with the option of retrofitting the camera if you are in need of it, and it’s not a costly affair. PlayStation Camera is being sold online for $45. The Move controller shortage also can be omitted due to the support of DualShock controller that comes bundled with the PlayStation VR.

It was also earlier rumored that the PSVR would be giving up on the screen resolution to get the price down to affordable range. However, Sony’s spec lining for the device doesn’t appear condensed. The 5.7-inch OLED inside the casing will feature a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels.  The latency is revealed to be of 18ms. And guess what, it also supports 3D audio.

It’s really worth appreciating to see these features being bundled in a VR headset that takes only the cost of a PlayStation from your pockets. Oculus may be igniting the VR fire this year, but it could be Sony who could really up the game from the consumer end.

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