Instagram Feeds to Follow Facebook Algorithm Soon

March 17, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Image hosting site Instagram will soon follow the footsteps of Twitter by changing the way the feeds appear in it. But it will be under the guidelines laid forward by its parent company.

In a new announcement, Facebook-owned Instagram has explained that plans are being currently put forward to change the way posts appear in a Timeline so as to make it more customized and according to what the user wants to see the most.

This means that the service will now curate posts based on certain parameters, or according to an algorithm that has been used in Facebook for some time now. Posts won’t be appearing in chronological order with older posts pushed down to the bottom. Instead, relevant posts will be pushed up the feed and the relevance of a post in your circle will be decided by the new algorithm that will be put in place.


Similar to the one on Facebook, Instagram’s new algorithm would depend on almost all of your activities with your friends circle in the social media like whom you follow, the comments and likes you hit, messages you sent etc. These would be collectively assessed to recognize your most important buddies in Instagram for bringing their posts right on top when you get logged in, irrespective of when they were posted.

Apparently, the move is not being mooted to bring a visual overhaul to the feed section, but to ease the users from a cluttered Timeline that shows everything stacked up. On average, Instagram accounts do have plenty of other accounts added to their following list, and this would only make the Timeline appear more muddled up once they expand the list of following ones.

It’s been pointed out that over 70% of the feeds are currently missed by users with a large number of friends in their circle. The new move may not cut that down, but at least would help you in not missing the posts from the ones who you think are close to you in the Instagram circle.

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