Raspberry Fosters Pi Performance Again with No Price Hike

March 2, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Raspberry Pi launch was indeed a wonder, having come cheap and cheerful. Considering its reasonable computing power for its size and price, it indeed was. It was later upgraded with more power without any big price jumps in its v2.0. Now comes the biggest of all updates!

The company has just announced the version 3.0 of its computing stick, which now comes with some soothing upgrades.

But the catchy part is that they have managed it yet again without any big increase in price. Raspberry Pi 3 is being now pushed into the markets at the price of $35.


The performance boost in Raspberry Pi 3 comes with the inclusion of a 1.2 GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 processor, which is paired with a RAM of 1GB in the chip. The GPU also gets a major boost now with the housing of the VideoCore IV 3D GPU.

Another area in which Raspberry Pi 3 comes upgraded is the connectivity front. Users will no more have to be stuck with Ethernet connectivity as Raspberry Pi 3 now adds support for Wi-Fi 802.11n and Bluetooth 4.1. The latter also will let users connect their input peripherals wirelessly.

There is also a support for Windows 10 now in Raspberry, and this has been enabled with the with the new Windows 10 IoT Core Insider Preview update. The Raspberry Pi 3 version however will be available only in the 32-bit version as of now, as the company is holding plans to have it upgraded to 64-bit only after feedbacks.

The newest version also comes just in time for the celebration of Raspberry’s fourth anniversary; a period in which they have managed to ship over 8 million units of its minicomputer.

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