App Version of Quartz Will Make You Feel like Having a News Chat

February 13, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A text messaging app and a news app have loads of differences. But, ever thought how these could be connected? The answer is simply Quartz.

The global business publication that was started four years back has now come up with its own app in what we can say one of the most ingenious concept in app development history. And, that’s by bringing a messenger interface to its news services app.

The new app from Quartz brings in news feed in form of short messages, just like a personal chat windows where chat bubbles are automatically generated news feeds. Clicking on these bubbles will take you to the full story.


But if you like to try something new, there are some canned replies available, which will let you be more specific with what news you want to have. It can also be used to make you jump to the next news.

And to make you feel more comfortable, Quartz is bringing support for emojis and animations, which will be displayed for various purposes, say to let you inform that a news bubble is inbound.

Quartz new app also arrives as a surprise. Apparently, this wasn’t the app we expected when they had the briefing earlier. That sounded rather like an app to notify you with news feeds, a feature that is not turned off in its final version.


Users can also customize the notifications with what they want to receive, and how frequently it must get popped up.

As of now, Quartz app is available only on iOS devices. Works are progressing for an Android version, but there’s no word on when it would join the app market from Google.

Apple iOS users can also make use of the Quartz app on Apple Watch, through which they will be provided with some other handy options. You can check all those by heading to Apple App Store.

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