Dual-Lens Camera Will Have its ‘Real Start’ Next Year, says Sony

February 9, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Dual-lens camera was once touted as one of the salient features that could revolutionize smartphone photography scene. HTC picked it up and embedded it swiftly on their flagship smartphones, but only to be at the receiving end of all the brickbats.

Things have changed since then. According to Sony, one of the top names in photographic industry, dual-lens will have its re-birth soon, and will be dominating the smartphone camera with its second entry.

Kenichiro Yoshida, Sony CFO, revealed at the company’s latest results call that the technology will be adopted by some of the major players in the industry.


Sony is already working upon dual-lens technology, and it’s the contribution of other big names which he believes could start the new innings for dual-camera technology.

Sony has been one of the major camera-suppliers to many of the big fishes in smartphone industry, and that includes Apple as well. Putting this on the backdrop along with recent rumors, we believe Sony might have just referred the Cupertino company as the major player seeking its dual-lens technology.

Reports have already emerged that Apple might rope in dual-lens technology for their next iPhone 7 Plus smartphone, or for its successor. These are believed to be from either the Apple-owned Linx, or from Largan Technology. The latter is also reported to be contributing over 60% of Apple’s current camera hardware.

But Sony’s latest revelation forces us to believe that a future iPhone could be featuring Sony’s dual-lens, alongside reinforcing the rumors that it’s the iPhone 7S device which would debut the technology for Apple. That’s due in 2017; the very year referred by Sony for the blooming of dual-lens technology from a major player.

What all these confirm is the apparent interest of Apple in dual-camera technology. It’s almost a certainty that Apple will be featuring two lenses on its back in one of its iPhone 7 models, which could or could not be from Sony. If the latter holds true, Sony’s major player reference could be to Samsung or any other Chinese manufacturer, which indeed points at year 2017 being flourished with dual-lens camera powered smartphones.

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