YouTube Sets Live Virtual Reality Streams in Its View

February 8, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

YouTube is one service that has picked up growing trends swiftly to keep its video viewing service up to date. It is repeating it now again with VR video streaming.

After having introduced virtual reality videos earlier, YouTube is now working to promote the services into the next stage; live stream of 360-degrees. The company is planning to have the streaming of VR videos much before its rival services gets in to the space.

The company is currently reported to have tied up with some of the leading camera makers to have its live VR stream services enabled before the year winds up. There aren’t any revelations of the names that are associated, and neither does it have a clear indication of when it will get launched.


But despite these, YouTube’s VR streaming seems to be put up on the top of priority listing, and it’s Google’s sudden involvement in the VR department that simply cements this.

The Alphabet company is pumping in heavy investments to give a new direction to its VR efforts. This includes acquisition of new employees, following which it was also hinted that Google will be pushing for a new VR hardware, or VR camera, or even both. Materialization of those would only push YouTube to make the most of its parent company’s VR investments.

It would also be a milestone for the company if they can manage to be the one who debuts live VR streaming. Live stream of 360 degree video surely is one of the most prospected utilities of VR apart from movies and gaming field.

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