Pebble Upgrades with Custom Message, Watch Faces and More

February 8, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Pebble is one of the finest options available for those on the lookout for an unembellished smartwatch. Yet, there are certain things absent from Pebble.

The game is however being upped now, as Pebble is rolling out a new update that addresses many of those shortcomings.

With the latest update, Pebble e-ink smartwatch users will now be able to create custom text messages that could be dispatched as reply to calls instead of the stock messages available.


This applies to iOS, and Android users are given more freedom by adding further option along with custom text messages. This includes replying through voice notes and emojis. The smartwatch users can also make use of the new SendText app to directly send text messages from their wrist devices.

Another big update is in the form of enhanced health stats access to developers, which has now cleared the way for enhanced watch faces and app integration. Developers can have the latest API of Pebble Health to retrieve various health stats, which can be used on other apps as well as for Watch Faces.

Currently, there are only a couple of watch faces that have shown up with this feature, but we can expect plenty more in the coming time.

There are also some other big additions coming along with the update, including ones that could bring the smile on battery wary ones. Low Power mode now comes modified with the option to keep your watch functions stay functions and rest cut down when during low battery conditions.

Also, battery warnings will now display the time remaining for your device to turn off, instead of showing the battery percentage remaining.

Other minor additions in the update include new transitions and animations, tweaks in settings and other stability improvements.

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