Turing Smartphone to Come with Sailfish OS, Not Android

February 4, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The ultra-durable smartphones from Turing have been making news ever since its first announcement. After so much of delay, it now turns out that there have been some real developments taking place. That also seems the reason why they have been rescheduling the shipping date.

In a mail sent to most of its devotees, Turing Robotic Industry has explained that the highly-secure smartphone won’t have alliances with the Android OS anymore. Instead, it has now turned to Sailfish OS. Yes, the very own OS from the house of Jolla, a company packed with former Nokia employees.


Whether or not that comes soothing the minds depends purely on the interests of the user. But having Sailfish OS on board will definitely bring some goodies along with it, but not without downsides.

According to the explanation given out by TRI, inclusion of Sailfish OS is to boost the performance of Turing smartphones by a great extent. This is somewhat necessary, especially when the device would house a Snapdragon 801 SoC in it. An Android running on the older Qualcomm chipset doesn’t exactly sounds like a speed-packed affair.

Sailfish can certainly overcome that, but has it grown up yet to be released in its stable form? Not even close we must admit, if we are to weigh the OS experience with that of iOS or Android.

The brighter side is that Turing won’t undergo any app shortage, as the developers have given a confirmation that it will support Android apps.

And as with the OS experience, Jolla and TRI can work together for up to three months to bring the enhancement, as Turing’s latest shipping date is said to be on April.

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