Samsung Powers Stock Android Browser with Ad-Blocking Capabilities

February 4, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

South Korean manufacturer Samsung is taking some cues from its Taiwanese counterparts to provide the best web-surfing experience on smartphone devices. Following the announcement of Asus’ ad-blocking features, it’s now up to Samsung to turn on the prowess of ad-blocking features in its stock browsers.

The company has now announced that all its smartphones would now come pre-installed with ad-blocking features in its stock browsers. It will be available for all devices running Android Lollipop version and above. Apart from that, Samsung will also now let users install ad and content blocking plug-ins distinctly to their smartphone browsers.


Users will be able to instantly block ads and contents on Samsung devices with the help of Adblock Fast. The services of Adblock Fast have already been active on iOS and Chrome and Safari browsers on desktop, boasting subscription from over 200,000 users.

Besides, the services of Crystal, another ad-blocking service, can also be activated by users following the release of their new browser update.

Although coming in as a blessing for users by cutting down load-times and data charges, ad-blockers still are criticized by many, including website publishers citing the loss of ad revenues they have to deal with. Apple met with similar criticisms when they first introduced the ad-block features in Safari a few years back.

Although with Google silent over ad-blocking policies, there has been certain smartphone vendors who have came forward with its activation, with Asus being one of the most prominent and recent ones to have tied up with AdBlock services. The partnership will introduce the services of the latter as default in Asus smartphones from mid-2016.

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