Google My Tracks App will Breath its Last this April

February 2, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

My Tracks might not be much popular among the Android users like its parent app, Google Maps. However, for those concerned with mapping and tracking their outdoor activities, My Tracks definitely was the best. But Google does not have similar views, we guess.

The app that has tracked millions of user activities in the map is now preparing to depart from the Android arena. Google has announced that it will be plug off its My Tracks app by the end of April.


It’s not just a support pullout; users won’t be able to carry out any activity tracking on My Tracks after April 30. However, they would still be able to use the app to fetch all your previously collected data and export them to somewhere outside the app.

Users can either have all those data uploaded to their Google Drive, or can have them saved to an external storage.

Google has explained that the decision to discontinue My Tracks is painful, adding that the shunning of the app will now hand over more freedom to focus on more wide-reaching mapping projects. If you haven’t noticed until now, Google has already taken down the My Tracks app from Google Play.

The latter would involve work with Google Fit app, which has also been suggested as the right upgrade for My Tracks users. Google have also listed out some other apps for users to switch to, which are Strava, Endomondo, Map My Run, Map My Hike, GPS Logger for Android, and GPX Viewer.

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