Microsoft News Pro iOS App has a Different Take on News Feed

February 1, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Not all apps churned out of the Microsoft Garage appear intriguing. But some are right there at that point, and their latest product, the News Pro app, can certainly be stacked along with those.

By its name, the app appears to be what we can call a simple news provider app, which is to rival with the likes of Apple News and Flipboard. Microsoft Garage has done exactly the same, but along with the inclusion of some new and untried experiments.

The basic interface of the app does a good job to resonate that of a newsfeed app, with all those content arranged according to categories and relevance. The search tasks within the app are aided by Microsoft’s own Bing services.


Top news get highlighted on the top, and further exploration is made possible with new tabs that can be used to surf through business-related categories, like industries, organizations, skills, and products. That’s where Microsoft focuses when it comes to the new app.

News Pro doesn’t just focus on the newsworthy events happening around you. You can also see them through a work-related angle. For this, they have got integration to LinkedIn along with Facebook.

The inclusion of the social hub explains how they dig out various skills and work-oriented news from all around. The latter is obviously for the news of your interests, and that would be based on the pages you have liked, activities carried out and other similar actions. It can still get wrong with your interests though.

The app also presents some of the common features in the present-day newsfeed apps like a Like button, a ‘Speedy’ mode to have only the text from the news article displayed, etc.

It now needs to be seen how users would view the experience of this new app, as almost every Garage outcome starts its journey as an experimental outing.

But one thing has been confirmed, the News Pro app isn’t heading out to Android or Windows 10 devices, even if it gets immense applause from the iOS users.

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