Google Might Just Push Themselves onto VR Hardware Terrain

January 29, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Year 2016 looks like the year that will finally be marked by the presence of commercial VR outings. Oculus Rift has been the most spoken about name ever since its appearance a few years back, and it still appears like there would be seldom another name that could catch up.

But what if Google decides to step up into the VR field? Could they be able to turn all those attention towards themselves and come out successful with the VR outing?

It’s something that we can foresee in the coming days, as new hints suggest that the Mountain View company is setting up its own commercial VR department.


A set of new job listings from the company seems to be opening up opportunities for the VR techies around the world as it seem. This includes a post for Hardware Engineering Technical Lead Manager, and a PCB Layout Engineer.

All these were apparently put up for the VR department, but were later re-written to be for their Consumer Hardware segment. VR headset is ‘consumer hardware’ after all.

The job description for one of those posts also explains that the company is looking forward to bring out the best from consumer interaction with hardware, which also points out towards a VR prospect.

Google recently has been vamping up their VR efforts. Clay Bavor, the man who has led its Cardboard depot, has now been assigned with a new duty of leading a new VR department. Also, they have tied up with augmented reality firm Magic Leap, and have also brought Jason Toff from Twitter to get on board with the in-house VR works.

It’s still unclear whether all these developments would ultimately thrive out a VR headset from Google. But if it does, it’s certainly one thing to look out for from the VR world. Oculus still sounds like they are feeling the lack of a healthy competition, and Google would certainly offer that for the current lone player.

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