Facebook Expands Timeline with Richer 3D Touch Features

January 28, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

3D Touch features made their debut in a really small scale, limited only on icon-touches for some of the apps. But it has expanded to be the most prominent features present with almost all the apps, and Facebook is willing to make the better out of it now.

The social networking firm is now planning to have its Timeline integrated deeply with 3D Touch features so as to pop up further options for almost everything displayed on the timeline.

It will include 3D Touch feature on web links, profiles, pages, groups, events, photos, profile pictures, and cover photos.


The features will arrive in the currently-existing peek and pop format, with which users can either peek into the content with a light tap, or jump into the entire section along with other options with a hard press, which is the pop option.

This is also similar to that of in Facebook-owned Instagram, where users can have previews or options like commenting and liking the picture based on whether they go for the hard tap or soft tap.

Instagram has also tried out the 3D Touch alternate peek feature for Android device, but a Facebook-version appears unlikely as of now.

Currently, Facebook offers 3D Touch support only with the app icon button. Depending on the intensity of the touch, various options get displayed like directly writing a post, or having a picture/video uploaded.

The home screen icon will also be receiving a new quick view option with which users can directly jump into their Timeline.

All these features are getting rolled out, but only to some users on a test basis according to Facebook. The feature will be made available to all only in the coming months.

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