Microsoft Mimicker: Turning off this Alarm Requires Some Skill

January 27, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The Balrog Demon is in pursuit of his unfinished morning sleep. And guess who is standing up as Gandalf? It’s Mimicker Alarm, Microsoft’s latest Android app, and it’s here to be the servant of the ‘Sleepless’ Fire.

Google Play does offer many alarm clocks that take us through some minor early morning workouts to regain our conscious mind. But it’s easy to skip past most of them.

But Mimicker, developed by Microsoft Garage Project, is one such app that can really get you into some real play and wake up your half-sleeping brains.


Like its name, the Mimicker app lets you get rid of those yelling alarm tones only if you pull yourself into specific tasks, or what they call as mimicking the orders given. This can be anything, ranging from a task that asks you to snap a specific image, or a task that asks you to speak a phrase that can twist your tongues.

Microsoft has got various tricks like face detection, speech recognition, emotion recognition etc. So don’t assume your tasks to be repetitive. All these would even work fine if you put your smartphone to offline mode.

You can hit the snooze button to have spare time to get yourself ready. Apart from that, there’s no way of escaping this. Once you don’t get the task accomplished in thirty seconds, Mimicker will assume you have gone back to your bed, putting the alarm back to action.

The app is currently available in Google Play, from where you can get it free if you like to have some games played early morning.

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