Apple Wants to Bring Out the Little Musician in You with its New App

January 26, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple has just revealed what all it has got up its sleeve for the music-savvy ones out there. And that’s a new app.

Music Memos, as it’s called, will arrive for both iPhone and iPads. Just like its name, Music Memos is the music version of your memos app, the space where you fill all your instant-born ideas.

Instead of having birthday dates or passwords, Apple’s Music Memo fills its content with quick musical recordings.


Sounds like a recorder app? Not really. Music Memos has got other stuff loaded to help you out with chords. Voices are recorded automatically in this once it realizes that a sound is being played. You can also turn this option off, following which a central icon can be used to start the recordings.

Once you are done with it, the app will have the chords measured all by itself for you. This can also be altered by tapping in your own chord measurements.

Besides, there is also a provision to input music notes and other stuff, which comes handy if you have instruments played along in your recording sessions.

In short, the app offers many quick customization options to the musical traits of your live musical creations.

Music Memos is although not a space for advanced music mixing. This is still a trademark of GarageBand among iOS apps, which also gets some catchy updates according to the announcement from Apple.

Some new features in it include Live Loops for having various tomes tapped in to be looped in perfect sync, a Drummer feature with nine EDM and acoustic virtual sessions, and more.

As with the Music Memos app, Apple is making it available for free at the App Store, and will it works on all post-iPhone 4S and post-iPad 2 devices.

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