Soon, You Could Install Android Apps Directly from Google Search

January 25, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

App downloads will no more be exclusive to app stores or apk providers. Google will soon be bringing in an option to have apps installed in one of the easiest ways. Just have them tapped in Google, and you could take them to your smartphones directly from there.

Once made public, users will be able to download apps directly from the search result window, without being re-directed into Google Play. Currently, users are taken to Google Play to complete the download.


The feature has already started rolling out on a test basis to some of the Android users. In fact, almost all Android users will now be able to search for a specific app on Google Search, and see the app result being displayed with an option of Install, which was absent in previous result windows.

Clicking on the Install button will open a mini-window, which will include a Google Play-like window displaying app details and the app-request listings. Users can check the app download in the background via Google Search.

However, not all of them now have the choice of downloading it directly from search. Only some have reported the feature available as of now, and it’s not sure when Google will be having this feature made available to all. You can try searching now on your Google App to see if it’s already available for your smartphone.

The feature is also available only when searched through the Google Search app, and not on any other browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox. The Install options also pop up only when users directly input a specific app, and not when a list of app suggestions gets displayed in the searches.

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