Microsoft Readying Windows Phone Keyboard for iPhone

January 23, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft’s cross platform measures are marching on in the right direction. After a series of product launches for its OS counterparts that include the likes of Cortana and Office suite, they are now reportedly working on expanding the reach of its Windows Phone keyboard.

Word Flow, Microsoft’s smartly knitted keyboard outing for Windows Phone OS, is now getting set for launch on a new platform according to reports. At first, the keyboard will be making its way into iOS devices.

And before it comes out officially to iOS, Microsoft will be giving out iOS users a chance to sneak peek into its keyboard services.


Word Flow will be rolled out to users on beta initially, through the Windows Insider Program, the feedback of which will be evaluated for further improvements before the release, as well as following it.

Word Flow, which previously held the Guinness World Record for fastest texting, won many accolades with its Swype-like feature that let users input words by just gliding their fingers over the letters. Word Flow was introduced first in Windows Phone 8.1 version during July last year.

Apart from iOS platforms, Microsoft is also having plans to launch the keyboard on Android devices. But they would have to wait a bit, as the Android launch is expected to come only after it gets launched on iOS.

Users are requested to have iPhone 5s to the least if to run the Word Flow keyboard from Microsoft that can be expected to hit the stores in a few months time.

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