Apple iPhone 7 Rumored to Feature World’s Fastest Internet Technology

January 23, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We have heard plenty of iPhone 7 features by way of rumors until now, but none of them really appeared to be the game changer. But if the new reports are to be believed, they could be having one when it comes out later this year.

Jailbreaker @kyoufujibaya has now tweeted an apparent screenshot of the iOS 9.1 codebase, which hints that Apple could be boasting LiFi capabilities in their next iPhone outing.

The coding scribbles reference to ‘LiFiCapability’, nearly confirming that they are currently experimenting with the world’s fastest data transmission mode.


Li-Fi, an acronym of Light Fidelity, makes use of Visible Light Communication, which transfers data through flashing LED bulbs. LiFi technology is claimed to be offering speeds hundred times that of normal Wi-Fi transmission speeds.

An Estonian startup which has worked behind the technology has successfully carried out the feasibility tests last year.

Back then, it was reported to be carrying a limitation that would hamper its usage when having obstacles in between the sources.

Apple will surely have to work out on that; no one would want to use a technology if allowed only on unenclosed spaces. It will sure be a breakthrough in the smartphone industry if they manage to come out of that impediment.

Other than the LiFi possibility, @kyoufujibaya also posted another revelation from the coding from iOS 9.3 beta1.1, which read “Headphones.have.%sinput.NO’.

Apparently, that sounds like the much rumored shunning of headphone jack for other alternates like audio output through Lightning Cable and Wireless means; just another unofficial confirmation regarding the fate of 3.5mm jacks in iPhone 7.

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