Samsung’s Upcoming Fitness Tracker Shows Up

January 22, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Samsung’s revised range of wearable device looks like it has had all those final polishing works done. The upcoming fitness tracking device from the South Korean manufacturer will soon be having its first outing, and that’s according to new leaked images of the device that has been doing rounds across the internet.

Sporting a whitish strap with a brown bezel, the SM-R150 from Samsung features a round display, and is also revealed to be packing a rotating bezel.


Like it has been hinted earlier, the wearable won’t be a wrist-focused one. That means, you can have the straps detached, and have it clipped on to your chest or anywhere.

It’s also reportedly the first device that will be featuring Samsung’s Bio-Processor chips, which was unveiled with the S-Patch prototype during CES 2016.

The processor features an array of advanced features, and is expected to hike the performance of Samsung wearables in the coming years.


The SM-R150 may not feature all of these, but tracking capabilities like repetition counts, body weight measurements, heart rate monitoring, and even biometrics can be expected to be included in the device.

The device is most likely to get unveiled during the Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona this March. There hasn’t been any pricing revelation, but the device looks to be put in the budget range, given the not-so-advanced tracking features available in it.

Also, Samsung was rumored to be working out on a budget wearable during the last months of 2015. So it do seems like Samsung is taking it on players like Garmin and Fitbit with cheaper fitness devices.

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