Microsoft Opens up More about its Hololens’ Specifics

January 21, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There’s a lot been buzzed about Microsoft’s augmented reality headset, the Hololens. Much has already been spelt about its field of view and its effort in easing online shopping for the future.

But here’s the parent company coming out in the public, revealing those which has been less known to us until now.

In a video that demonstrates a presentation event in Tel Aviv, Microsoft Technical Evangelist Bruce Harris let out some of the previously unknown details of the Hololens and they include details related to its battery, connectivity and Windows 10 support.


According to what Bruce said, Hololens is expected to deliver a minimum battery life of around 2.5 hours, which can go up to 5.5 hours depending on the usage. That’s not a great figure to boast of, but one must certainly respect the high power brain that functions inside the Hololens casing. Considering that, the battery life doesn’t sound largely compromised.

Also it turns out that the reduction in Field of view comes as a blessing in disguise. Had there been a better field of view incorporated, Hololens would have suffered a blow with lesser battery life and higher cost.

As of now, the viewable area would be similar to that of a 15-inch screen that’s viewed at a distance of two feet away from you.  A betterment of this can be expected to take place in the future though according to what was hinted.

In addition to this, he also opened up about the connectivity support in Hololens, explaining that the device will offer Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, with which users will be able to connect it to a wide host of devices, if not all, that supports the aforementioned features.

Regarding Windows support, Harris assured that Hololens will be able to run the Windows 10 universal app.

There’s still no info on when the highly anticipated device would make its way into public domain.  The developer kit of the device will be having its request window opened up next month, and will be handed over for a price of $3000 for one Hololens headset. Microsoft also hasn’t yet revealed what all could be in that bundle.

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