Here’s an App that Helps You in Not Giving Away Location Info

January 21, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Feeling wary of giving away your location info to all those third party apps in your smartphones? Chill out folks; there’s an app coming to your smartphones to help you out.

Researchers from the US, led by Linke Guo of Binghamton University, have now joined forces and have developed an app that does exactly what many have been craving for; unhitch the access of third party services to your location.

In an age where location access is open to almost all the entities in your smartphone, this new app could rise to be a savior when it comes to security concerns of many.


It’s nothing new that almost all your apps creep up into your searches and uploads to have your whereabouts info stolen, even if not having your GPS turned on. Major apps like Facebook and Twitter get every piece of your uploaded or updated info with activities in background.

This has exposed security threats in smartphones, with chances of those details being misused getting increased day by day.

Guo explains that every piece of information that is shared on internet, including locations, becomes easily accessible for others, leading to malicious attacks which one could never foresee.  Guo and his team’s app wants to prevent that by providing an efficient and feasible solution that could hinder all such exposure.

That being said, the app hasn’t yet evolved into its final state. It’s still in development and the team says that it will be coming out for all in the near future if developments meet the desired targets.

Their presentation, titled “Privacy-preserving Verifiable Proximity Test for Location-based Services”, also bagged the Best Paper Award at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) GLOBECOM Conference, Symposium that was held in San Diego last month.

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