Developers Finally Get to Play with Promo Codes in Play Store

January 20, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

App richness and diversity stand almost in the same level for Apple’s App Store and Google Play. But there have been some sections in which Apple perceivably outran the Google counterpart. One was with the promo code offering in it. Now, Google is giving up its harsh stance to match its Play Store with that of its rival.

The Google Play Developers Console has now received the option of invoking promo codes, which can be used by app developers to market their apps.


The feature has been long available for the developers with iOS and Mac apps, where codes were given to cut the pricing partially or entirely for their paid apps, and other in-app purchases.

Google’s one-time-use promo codes too work in a similar way. Developers will be able to provide promo codes to customers or reviewers as part of marketing their paid apps/games. These promo codes will work both for app purchases and for in-app purchases. But there are some limitations.

Google asserts that only 500 promo codes can be made available in a quarter, which at the same time is fivefold larger than what Apple offers to its developers. If any promo codes are left unused, they won’t get carried forward to the next quarter.

With Google allowing codes to be used in in-app purchases, these won’t prove to be of any use with subscription content. The expiry of the triggered promo codes can be set by the developers, with a maximum validity of one year for a single code.

Google has already triggered the option for developers, and we can soon expect the code space popping up with many of the paid apps/games, and in-game purchases. So keep your eyes wide open.

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