Categorizing Files in Google Drive Now Becomes Undemanding

January 19, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google Drive, the cloud service from the Mountain View company, has got a patent dearth when weighed against players of the likes of Dropbox and OneDrive. Yet, it’s easily one of the most painless means to shoot your files up into the cloud.

But that’s not the same once you have the files stuffed in; Google Drive is a messy area if you have got files stacked aplenty. However, if you haven’t noticed until now, Google has got some new tools to get rid of such mess in your online cloud.



Categorizing files in your Google Drive is now as easy as doing it on a desktop. The feature of Move is now made available for all files that are stored in your Drive, and for those files that lie outside the Drive boundary, Google have presented a new ‘Add to My Drive’ button.

It covers both the files that are shared to you via Drive, as well as files that are being previewed by you from the shared contents in Hangouts and other similar services. There’s also a new option being introduced that will let users drag items from search results into any folder right through the search window.

There aren’t any major overhauls apart from these new file arrangement options. But for those who have got piles of data loaded inside in multiple files, this one does appear to be a breakthrough change.

Google revealed the features last Thursday, but they explain that the service has already been put into action on a trial basis before the revelation was made.


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