Outlook on Smartphones Gets Updated with Skype Call Scheduling

January 18, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you thought Outlook could guide you with scheduling anything, we must say you are almost right, at least in prospect.

The place where we used to schedule emails and meetings is continuously evolving, and it wouldn’t be far off when we could schedule anything in our smartphone with the Outlook app.

The latest that now gets added to this is the support for Skype video call. The Outlook app for smartphones has now been receiving a new update, which comes with the tap-in of Skype features in it.


Users will now be able to simply input a schedule for Skype video calls, and Outlook will have it handled for you when the time beacons.

Scheduling a Skype video call can be done through the app’s event creation screen, and doing so would have a video call invite automatically dispatched to the invitees. Clicking on this invitation would have them roped into the call once the scheduled time arrives.

The better part is that Skype integration lets anyone tap in to a video call if being invited; there’s no requisite of having Skype installed in their smartphones. People can also prefer to skip the Skype registration using the latest Skype for Web services, which allows guest log-ins from any PC.

Apart from that, Skype is also rolling out the group video call in iOS, Androids and Windows Phone, which would only make the new Outlook feature much more useful for smartphone users.

Apart from the Skype integration, the latest update also brings out other features like calendar view improvements and navigation bar support.

The latter, which helps users to easily switch between mails, files, contacts and schedules, is made available only for Android version as of now. Head for the corresponding app stores to have your Outlook updated if it hasn’t been done already.

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