Xiaomi Looks to Follow the Dual-Model Trend with Upcoming Mi5

January 16, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

One of the common trends in the smartphone industry is the dual-model revelation of flagships right at the time of launch.

Samsung, LG, Sony, Apple and others have already jumped into the ring, and now Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is slowly following their footsteps.

Xiaomi’s upcoming Mi5 has been a heavily anticipated smartphone, and has also been rumored for long. The Mi5 is said to sport two variants during the time of launch. One could expect that could  be two different RAM variants; but Xiaomi’s plans are slightly more extended.


Mi5 is now being tipped to arrive in a premium version along with a standard version. In fact, the premium version is what now appears to be the rumored one sporting a QHD resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels in a 5.2-inch display.

This model will boast a RAM of 4GB, and is expected to rake up 64GB of onboard storage. The exterior for the premium Mi5 will be made of metal cladded casings.

The other version is expected to feature the same display size, but with a resolution of only 1920 x 1080 pixels. There will also be a difference in its exterior build, as the lower priced entry is rumored to come in a metal frame that’s embedded on front and rear glass frames.

The front side will also have a 2.5D curved glass. It’s also believed that this version will feature a lesser RAM of 3GB, which will be accompanied by a lesser storage space of 32GB.

The remaining features are said to be same for both the variants, including a fingerprint sensor, physical home key, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 SoC and the Adreno 530 GPU. There were also reports of the inclusion of Force Touch feature earlier.

Xiaomi is likely to get the wraps off Mi5 during the last week of January, and will have the device introduced in the markets next month.

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