Group Calling in Skype Gets Closer to Launch

January 16, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Group video calls were never really the Skype thing, even after being the most preferred video calling service in the world. That’s a title they have been enjoying for years. But the Microsoft-owned company is now doing a rethink.

Celebrating its ten years in the industry, Skype has sent out thanks messages to all its users who have contributed to its success. In a blog post, Skype has expressed gratitude to its trusted customers, who have collectively carried out more than 2 trillion minutes of video call in Skype’s 10-year long run.


Alongside, they also haven’t forgotten to dispatch a gift for its user base; a group video calling option which was accessible only to some until now.

Skype has been mulling over introducing the group video call for some time, and it was even made available for Skype for Business users.

Normal users have been shifting to other platforms like Google Hangouts for hanging out with their friends as a group. With the new move, Skype would be intending to bring back them back to its fold.

The group video calling is being rolled out by Skype for three of its major platforms – iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The collective user-base from these platforms alone contributes to over 750 million.

The rollout of the group video call won’t be instant, and is expected to hit the platforms in a few weeks time. A preview mode of the group video call feature will be initially made available to the ones who pre-register. You can head to this site to trigger your pre-registration request.

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