Echo, Amazon’s Smart Speaker, will have a Portable Successor

January 15, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

From being a product of experimentation to branching out to products for top vendors like Ford, the jury might still be out on it. But Alexa, Amazon’s personal assistant software, is enjoying some good times.

Amazon is taking the effort of pushing Alexa into a new device; a compact mini-speaker that would arrive as a mini-successor to Echo.

The former device needn’t require any introduction. But in case you are not aware, Amazon’s Echo was introduced back in 2014 as the first device to run the Alexa personal assistant software.

echo successorThe speaker, which resembled a giant cup, made use of voice-recognition capabilities to effectively assist in you in playing music, creating shopping lists on Amazon, and also in helping you control your integrated smart light accessories.

Despite being cherished by customers, Echo was reviewed a bit harsh by some critics. One arrow pointed at the device was against its bigger size, which is what Amazon wants to solve with the new device.

The mini speaker, codenamed Fox, will have the benefit of portability, which its predecessor lacked. The speakers come in the size of a can, and will also make use of manual voice-recognition techniques to yield a better life when running on battery.

The bigger Echo speakers came with an always-on voice recognition sensor, which was equally praised and criticized by users.

Fox will also have charging docks bundled along. Amazon hasn’t made an official statement yet, but according to a WSJ report, the new compact personal assistant speakers will be hitting the markets within a few weeks’ time, and will also be priced at a lower range to hike the popularity among consumers.

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