Cast Makes Sharing Video Subscriptions a Walk in the Park

January 15, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Sharing is caring, and it’s fun when you do it with friends. We all know this, but there are only a few who convert their thoughts pragmatically into action.

Developers of the app Cast may or may not be falling under that rare category, but they are at least guiding the rest to follow this simple thought.

Developed by Genii Works, Cast is an app that will be making its way into smartphones and tablets this year with a single aim – share, share and share.


With Cast in your hands, you would be able to share your video subscription to your friends or anyone within Cast so that they can enjoy the videos streamed to their devices for no cost.

The only requirement is that both must be using Cast app, and the one that’s sharing the content must have a video subscription pack on streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube or HBO Go. More names are there in the list, and more are expected to be added by the time Cast shapes up for launch.

The recipient can just sit back and enjoy all the video content being shared to him, without any limitations. Channels and videos will be streamed to the user irrespective of whether it is made available in his region.

That’s what makes Cast even more powerful; there are no boundaries in this sharing. Videos can be shared to anyone using Cast.

Besides, users will also be able to play multiplayer games, which currently include Angry Birds, Clash of Clans and Minecraft.

Apart from app services, Cast will also be launching a set-top streaming box that would be arriving for $99. The device was put up on Kickstarter earlier, where it grossed double its aim.

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