Facebook Messenger Set to Appear on Mac Devices

January 14, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Facebook has revealed that its Messenger app has hit the 800 million mark in terms of users. Besides, it was also rewarded for being the fastest growing app of the previous year.

Now, it appears that the company has decided to commence celebrations by launching newer versions of the app, and the toast is being raised first for Mac users.

Even after dominating the space in iOS and Androids for so long, Messenger has still not made up their mind to step down on to Mac devices. But Facebook is finally having thoughts about that too.


That’s what is being revealed by a new image floating across the internet. The image, which was published by TechCrunch, reveals a Facebook employee using a Mac version of the app, also depicting an insight into how the app looks like with all its neatly arranged chat lists like in the other versions.

Facebook has not commented on the rumor.  However, a dedicated app for Mac devices could make sense. Facebook has already made the messenger services independent of the social network on smartphones.

Although with some initial dislikes towards the effort, the app has seen wide success with over 800 million users subscribed, with over a hundred million unique users each month. It’s also rated as the second most popular iOS app.

Given that users will be able to untangle themselves from browsers, the Messenger could prove to be an even bigger hit if deciding to appear solely on Mac devices.

The company had previously launched a dedicated Messenger app on Windows in 2011. However, its wires were pulled two years later, with Facebook giving out no official reasons for the pull out.

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