Peach App is Making Everyone Go Crazy

January 13, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Dom Hofmann, the creator of Vine, is up with a new app he describes to be fun and simple to keep up with your friends. It, in fact, is becoming an instant hit among iOS users.

Peach, as it is called, is a simple messaging up that draws up a bit of elements from apps like Twitter and Slack. Once you get to start your account, you would be welcomed by a wall-alike page that seems much familiar.


Scribbled on this space are a collection of updates from your connected circles, much like it appears on Twitter. But clicking on those would reveal much more about the update and the one from whom it came.

That’s only one feature that makes this new app much intriguing. And the most important of all is the new assisting algorithm which the company calls as “magic words”.

It’s the feature with which you can type some commonly used words to have the associated actions popped up for you. Say, you type GIF, and Peach will pull out some suggestions for GIF inputs in your post.

There are plenty other words that are supported by Peach, like typing song for sharing the music you are hearing, safari to have your browser opened, weather to add current weather, draw to open a doodle-board, and so on. Check out the full list here.

You can also switch to the friends list view to have their update statuses tracked in real time. There’s no direct message feature in Peach as of now, but you could trigger a wave to your friends, which is quite similar to the Poke feature in Facebook.

Check all these cool stuff yourself by downloading Peach from the iOS App Store.

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