BMW Motorrad HUD Helmet is Futuristic

January 13, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

How about playing the role of Iron Man when riding your motorcycle? You needn’t have an iron-cast armor for that. All it requires is the new futuristic helmets from BMW.

No, there won’t be Jarvis or any fireworks attached to this helmet. Instead, this one pops up information for your ride right in front of your screen.

Even with heads-up display being present in automotive industry for over a decade, it still hasn’t found the desired pace to step down to the consumers broadly.


But BMW is hoping to rejig that, and have introduced a new HUD powered motorcycle helmet, called Motorrad, at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

It works just like the optional HUDs available in some of their four-wheel models. The piece of glass, which is the display here, is shaped so as to cover your right years, and information will be projected onto this display just like how stuff work in some of the modern eye-wearable gadgets.

The German manufacturer makes use of the ConnectedRide technology to guide the riders in almost every way possible.

The HUD can be triggered to display several pieces of information like speed, direction, navigational alerts, and vehicle statuses like gear position, tire pressure, and oil levels.

Users can also integrate the helmet to your smartphones to get notified of incoming calls and messages.

All of these come optional; users are given the choice to minimize the choices so that they can stay focused on road alongside having important information. There will also be integrated speakers that would work in tandem with the computer brain fitted inside.

BMW is currently hoping to bring out their concept helmet to the markets within two years; a period which will also see other experimental work on Motorrad like a vehicle-to-vehicle communication system.

The timeline can also be expected to get shortened, as BMW are not the sole players in the HUD helmet field. Companies like Kully Systems, Nuviz, and Bell Helmets are planning to have their advanced HUD helmets launched by next year.

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