Snapchat Calls Halt to the Much-Loved Lens Store 

January 12, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Snapchat started off the New Year with an announcement that could upset a majority of its user base. The much popular Lens feature is now getting pulled down by the company.

Snapchat knows what Lens means for its users. It’s not something that has got to do with convexes or concaves, but a simple filter that transforms the images with some beautiful real-time effects.

Snapchat never kept any permanent filters, and up to 10 filters were made available free to users, with every extra lenses costing a payment of $0.99. The filters got updated on a weekly basis, with users given the freedom of one filter among them as permanent, so that it could be used without any time-barrier.


Even with the ever-changing nature of Lens, the feature turned out to be an immense hit among the users, with more than tens of thousands of Lenses being purchased everyday by users from the store. The feature was also the first in-app purchase offered by Snapchat.

Although with the store being taken down, users who have already tried out the Lenses will still be able to continue with them, except for that there won’t be any new additions in the store.

The company hasn’t mentioned any reason for the sudden pull out of its Lens Store as of now. However, some reports suggest that the focus is being shifted by Snapchat to generate revenue from the ad-sector, for which the shunning of Lens Store can be believed to provide more space for Snapchat to work upon advertising.

Sources also suggest that Snapchat will roll out all the Lenses for free after some time. It’s still a rumour, and the only thing that stands confirmed is that Snapchat adherents will sure be missing the funny and smart filters for which they had fallen for during the past couple of months.

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