Google Project Tango to Debut this Summer in a Lenovo Smartphone

January 12, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Project Tango from Google was revealed nearly two years back. And at CES 2016, we had the confirmation that the augmented reality feature for smartphones is nearing its first ever outing in a smartphone.

The feature will get first spotted in the upcoming smartphone from Lenovo. The announcement was made jointly by the two companies during CES 2016, confirming that the first Project Tango powered smartphone will arrive during summer this year.


The smartphone hasn’t been teased vastly by either of them, but it has been confirmed by Lenovo that it will fit a display of under 6.5-inches. Besides, the unnamed device will also sport a Qualcomm processor, and it will also have its pricing kept under $500.

Project Tango was announced during February 2014 by Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group as one of the most advanced integration in smartphone that could be arriving in the following years.

Featuring an array of cameras and sensors that would get placed in the rear side, Project Tango would make use of these along with AI and Google resources to map the environment around a smartphone like never before.

It includes multiple objects in both real and virtual world, along with skills to recognize motion, gestures, and locations. Blended along would be the ability to distinguish indoor and outdoor locations, making it far more advanced for many applications like navigation, and games.

The device would mark the first public debut for Google’s highly ambitious project. However, Google have already rolled out the developer version of Project Tango with the introduction of developer tablets that came with Nvidia Tegra K1 processor.

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