Twitter to Bid Farewell to Character Limit on Tweets

January 11, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The 140-character limited updates stand out as one of the trademark features of Twitter. But soon, the company will be putting an end to that.

The limit on Tweet characters is now reported to be raised by the micro-blogging platform to 10,000 characters.

That’s same as that in the Direct Message feature introduced by Twitter, so users will now have much more, or comparatively infinite space to scribble down in their tweets when the new upheavals come to play.


The testing for this new feature, which is internally called ‘Beyond 140’, is expected to commence soon as Twitter is planning to roll out the feature before the first quarter of this year winds up.

Reports also suggest that Twitter could improvise the testing with a method that will have Tweets appear in their normal 140-character constrained mode. The full character support will only get revealed once a user clicks upon the Tweet, just like how they do with image views.

This particular approach will only be worked out during the test phase, following which Twitter will be omitting the ‘preview mode’ of Tweets to display the full words and characters.

San Francisco based Twitter hasn’t yet responded to the new development reports, which was initially reported by Recode. However, the character restriction has been cursed by a wider section of the regular Twitter users ever since it stepped up into the social media space ten years back.

Moreover, it would also seem apt to lure new users to the family; an initiative for which Twitter has been toiling during the off-late period with introduction of services like Direct Messages, on-the-go video editing tools, etc.

The lift in character limit could be envisioned as one of the most direct and effective tools for the same.


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