Instagram 3D Touch-Alternative for Android Returns in the Latest Update

January 9, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Android devices are yet to enjoy any pressure-distinguished touch features. But there are some impatient app developers out there who have gone in pursuit of some alternatives in Android, and one among those is the development team of Instagram.

A previous beta roll out initially teased the new touch-feature alternate for Android, called Peek, but it was found nowhere when the stable build came out. There were no reasons back then, but it seems like Instagram is having it back, again without any reasons.


The Peek feature is simply the best available replicate option available in Android for the time being.

Instagram’s iOS version made use of 3D Touch to peek into images with hard touches and Android does the same too, sans any pressure sensing. Instead, it makes use of the simple touch and hold process.

Users can hold the thumbnail icons to have a larger preview, which will retain its original size once you take your fingers off the screen.

The benefit with iOS is that you needn’t have to wait for the previews to appear, while Android takes up the delay due to the hold feature.

A simple tap on the preview will have the same option as of that in the iOS version; putting the image to full view.

The feature comes with the latest v7.14.0 of the app. Peek feature is currently reported only by a few users. We are also not sure if there’s the option to comment and Like those images directly like in iOS. You can get the latest version from Google Play Store.

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