Withings Brings in a Cheaper Wearable with the New Go Fitness Tracker

January 7, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

French health product vendor Withings has been enduring the fitness-wearable market for quite a time. But it seems like the company is feeling the market swing towards cheaper, but efficient range of products.

For this reason, they are now stepping down to the ‘cheap range’ of fitness tracking devices that start with the new Withings Go wearable.


The wearable, which was launched at CES 2016, is the cheapest offering from Withings, but not cheap like the rival rigs from Jawbone. That’s because Go offers something more than the rival products in its range; a display that won’t harm the pockets of customers.

Withings Go features an e-ink display, which piles up the benefit for this button sized devices. Shunning of LCD displays in lieu of E-ink displays not just helps in running the device with a better life, but also has put Withings Go in a class that bridges the budget range with higher end devices.

The display in Withings will have the normal watch face displayed, but a tap on the screen will transform it into an activity progress display.

Your progress will be displayed by means of dial display. Once you clinch your daily achievement, Withings Go will notify you of the same by popping up an award icon on the central space of its display.

Withings Go doesn’t match up with the previous products from the company in terms of activity tracking. But for its price range, the compact device is worth a buy, and can handle all the basic tracking like step, walked distances, calories burned and sleep tracking and measurements.

It also comes in the shape of a small disc, which makes it possible to have it attached on normal watchbands or as any other wearable. The 5ATM/ 50 meters water resistance also gives the freedom to take it even for a swim.

The device is priced for $69, which is slightly above the range of LED fitness trackers like Jawbone Up Move and Fitbit Zip. Withings says that Go will be made available during the first quarter of 2016.


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