New App Tells You Why Your Baby is Crying

January 7, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Being a baby whisperer is not a hard thing anymore, at least to know the reason for those baby screams. Thanks to a team of Taiwanese researchers from National Taiwan University Hospital Yunlin, even the most unskilled parents can now master the skills in infant cry recognition.

A new app, called the Infant Cries Translator, is now been made available that can listen to the cries of your infants, and tell you the reason.


There’s no brilliance of artificial intelligence here, but all is down to a two-year effort of the research team who went digging through various infant cries.

The makers of the app explain that around 200,000 crying sounds have been collected over this period by them from around 100 new born babies.

All of these were assembled in their database to spot the differences and science behind each tone of baby cries. Following those observations, the reason for baby cries were classified into four; hunger, sleepiness, pain, and wet diapers.

Users of the app will be given the option of uploading the crying sounds of their babies, whose result will be then displayed after online comparisons within a short time of 15 seconds.  The makers claim an accuracy of over 92% in infant cries.

Of these, the accuracy shows a dip as the age of the baby increases, which wouldn’t be a concern as it’s always babies of age below six months whose cries are of a perplexing nature, according to the researchers.

According to the feedback, the app shows an accuracy of nearly 85% for babies under 1-2 months and nearly 77% for babies of age below four months.

The app is available both on Android and iOS app stores, and can be yours for $2.99.

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