Nvidia Computing Expertise will Now Aid Driverless Cars

January 6, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It was only last month that Google’s autonomous car got ticketed by the cops of LA. Nearly after a month, someone else from the tech world is having thoughts of wiping out any such instances with self-driving cars.

Nvidia, the CPU and GPU manufacturers, are the one that have now shown up to do their bit for the automobile industry.

Speaking at CES 2016 keynote, company CEO Jen-Hsun Huang revealed their new supercomputer, called Drive PX2, which aims at adding more brain to the self-driving machines.


Certainly, it is not the one that’s here to unshackle manufacturers from tickets for paddling rides. Instead, Nvidia is building up a real processor beast that can sense further deep than the normal AI chips in autonomous vehicles.

The processing power of PX 2 is handled by 12 CPU cores that sports 8 teraflops worth of processing power. In effect, this is equivalent to combined power of 150 Macbooks.

All these power will be put into action for recognizing various objects in the road, with an ability to distinguish between pedestrian and other moving objects.

Huang also revealed that the PX2 will come with advanced AI features that would trigger location and contextual awareness features in it.

Those can be trained on each car separately, and can also be handed over to the rest via cloud support.

Drawing a power of 250watts, the PX2 also features a GPU of two Pascal, which is what we obtain when stacking 6 Titan X video cards together.

It’s one heavy computing brain that’s featured in it, and that’s why Nvidia has also opted to add liquid super-cooling into its supercomputing brain.

Although with these big additions, Nvidia claims that the PX2 takes up less space than the AI brains used in the rest of the self-driving vehicles.

Also, the on-road testing of the PX2 is expected to be happening soon, as they have already got Volvo onboard as their initial partner.

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