Samsung Start-Up Experiments Set for CES

January 5, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Not many know about Samsung’s in-house start-up called Creative Lab program. But they will be well-known, once the first batch of devices nurtured under the C-Lab program make their debut during CES in Las Vegas.

At the consumer expo to be held during the week, the South Korean tech vendor will be presenting a trio of experimental products that have been developed by their employees through the C-Lab Program. The products go by the names of WELT, TipTalk, and Rink.


The first one among them, WELT, is an innovative smart belt that will perform as a new activity tracker. This one will fit into a user’s waist to gather many details including waist measurements. Besides, it’s also an activity tracker that we believe will be related with body weight.

WELT is also the most anticipated one for us, as it is in this device that we predict the debut of Bio-Processors; the advanced fitness-tracking processor announced earlier by the Samsung.

The next two devices from the list aren’t entirely stand-alone devices, and will need a parent device to unleash its full utility. While TipTalk acts like an add-on for your smartwatches as well as normal watches,

Rink will be the one that will empower your VR gears with motion controlling technology.

The former will clasp to your watch body as a strap, and with the integration to smartphone and text to speech functionality in them, TipTalk will let you listen to the sounds from your smartphones right when you touch your ear with your fingertips.

Meanwhile, Rink will be introduced as a new controller for smartphone VR devices like Samsung’s own gear. A few revealed images and statements give only a glimpse of how the controller could work. But we can sure expect everything to get unwrapped when they pull these devices out from the box next week in CES.


Although, these new C-Lab output may find some time to hit the markets, as Samsung explains that these devices are still under development.

But at least we are seeing the productive result from their experimental setup that urges employees to come up with their own experiments. More can be expected if the debut range of device gets some good accolades.

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