Microsoft Rolls Out New iOS App that Beautifies Your Selfies

December 31, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft under Satya Nadella has got bigger ambitions, and it’s evident from their actions that have made their services fostered by cross-platform support.

Besides, they have also started rolling out exclusive apps for rival platforms, the latest of which now is a photo-dedicated app.

Microsoft Selfie, the app that arrives for iOS devices, is being introduced to take your normal selfie into a workstation that can effectively tart up your self-portraits.


Users can handle the beautification process live by having their portraits clicked directly through the app.

But in case if you feel like garnishing your pre-captured images, just open them through the Selfie app and you will be presented with many post-processing options.

And don’t just assume by its name that it’s a selfie-dedicated app; you can also flip to the rear view of your device to have them spruced up with some cool filters and edits.

Around thirteen filters are now made available in the app, and only one among them can be applied at a time for a single image. Of course, you can try out one above other by saving it and opening them again in the Selfie app.

As with selfie beautification tools, Microsoft makes use of multiple factors like age, gender, skin tone, etc. of the user. Users can also have lighting and noise settings tuned to develop the selfie-portraits of their choice.

A downside with the app is that Microsoft has forgotten about the ‘social commitments’; there’s no instant share option tied with the app. And that’s despite the app being a one dedicated for image editing.

It also lacks some of the advanced editing tools like we have seen in selfie apps like YouCam. But let’s not forget that it’s a simple app that gets your selfies beautified without many complications. In that sense, Microsoft Selfie is indeed a handy option.

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